A little bit about Spring


What is it about spring? I love to have the windows open in the house fresh air flowing all through. The warmth, the green all around bring people out of their darkness into the light. The light breeze in the air can calm the most anxious of people. Why does spring have so much power over us? I would venture to guess that spring is a time of renewal and love. Even the darkest of people can notice the change in the atmosphere from bitter cold to breezy warmth. The sense of renewal comes from the budding trees, the flowers popping up, even the weeds that are starting to creep. The world seems resilient from the deep winter to the beauty of spring. Spring brings many baby animals to the earth for us to enjoy. The jumping of a new lamb reminds of the love of simple beauty to be found in nature all around us.


A Poem of Love for Spring:


Spring a time of change, A time to renew.


The awakening of the earth, the harshness of winter is gone.


Feel the heat of the glorious sun bringing nature back from sleep.


Hear the birds chirping out their spring song, the rustle of the trees dancing with the wind fresh with buds.


Flowers springing forth from the depth of the soil to show their beautiful faces to the sun.


How lucky am I to witness the glories of spring.


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