Success in Life, is it chasing a dream?


What is success? How does one measure success in their lives? This is a concept I have been struggling with my entire adult life. Am I successful in my life? I would initially like to say No but then I am reminded of the concept of success then my brain gets a little shook up. My mind starts to spin as the image of being successful starts whirling around in my brain. Pictures of unreachable goals haunting me. Society tells us that to be successful you have to be rolling in cash or have some moral high ground. Neither I can live up too. I am not a millionaire and I certainly don’t hold any moral high ground.  


 Humans as a whole since the beginning of time have engaged in an endless search of the definition of success. At some point we all tend to measure ourselves against others we deem successful, ultimately failing. In my own life I go round and round with the concept of me being successful. Do I have loving marriage? Absolutely, but it’s not without its struggles and hardships. Do I have children? No, none that are living on earth. That is clearly a loaded subject ending with the feeling of unsuccessfulness. Do I have a job or a career? I used to have one that I loved and that took me a long time to break into, but it’s gone now. Though I miss it I am actually OK with the loss of career, just means I can focus on my family. Am I rolling in money? Nope, not at all in fact every month is a struggle. Am I a monk or super devote religiously? Again, nope I am a Christian and I believe whole heartily in the message of Christ but I am not as devote as I want to be. Are all these things what adds up to be classified of the concept of success?


I venture to say No they are not, even though that goes against the set in stone societal concept. When I look at my life it isn’t perfect, it isn’t even ideal but I believe it is successful. I have everything I ever wanted. A loving husband who I adore, a gorgeous home, a family who loves me, dogs that greet me with never ceasing joy, a car that is fun and runs, friends that never cease to amaze me, the ability to write which calms me, the endless joy in traveling. All these things are my new measures of living a successful life. Success is in the eye of the beholder, each individual needs to find the success in their own lives. Looking for success is a daily task for many, for me absolutely. Success for me is not the money or fame or any of that it is a four letter word, LOVE. Love for my family, my husband, my life. Being happy and content in what I have is essential.  I fail at this at times, I feel down and depressed but I bring myself back up. I am allowed the struggle of depression, I am also allowed to feel the pain and then rejoice in the morning for all the good in my life. Never wallow in depression don’t let it take hold of your life, combat it with the realization that your successful in your own way. Love your journey with all of its twists and turns. Let the anxiety that life naturally brings wash over you acknowledge it and move on. Don’t be consumed by it. These are words I say to myself every day, find success in the small things. After all happiness is a journey not a destination.


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