The Beach : A Poem

The sun is shinning bright gently caressing the warm sand. The twinkle of the sand in the light spreads the warmth of day through the glistening sea. Underneath that vast bold beautiful sea  there lies an onyx brew releasing its potent unrest. Bubbling up to the crest of the wave the obsidian eruption crashes up on the twinkling sand. The sand is accepting of this invasion from the deep, it takes this turmoil with ease. It seems that there should be unrest but instead the turmoil is a tranquil peace to the sand. An acceptance occurs of the toils of the deep ocean, briefly marring the surface of the sand. In a fraction of a moment the invader of the deep is gone, leaving only a tiny beautiful path of onyx on the sand. The beach, the whole of the sand, regards that precious path as part of what makes itself whole. For when one looks closely that path shines brighter than the ocean itself. Thus fulfilling the promise of the ocean to only invade the beach with its dark plague momentarily before sweeping itself back to the depths of the ocean. Upon its sweeping return a beautiful groove is left on the marked yet miraculously shinning beach.

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