Lost : A Poem

The night sky twinkles with a diamond sheen. Caressing the earth with a dark glow of the night. The stars seem to be nodding their greeting to those below. One by one they blink giving of their light to those in need. Small but strong these mighty stars fill the night sky with confidence. In the path of darkness a lost little girl looks up. She sees the stars glittering above her. She reaches up as if to grasp one of those stars. Her eyes stare up to the heavens searching. She picks a star to follow looking for it to inspire her by its bold light. She is lost, searching, in need of other worldly guidance. She closes her eyes imagining she was up there with the beautiful clusters of illumination. As she is floating above in her minds eye she peers down to earth seeing a vast glistening land with her final destination brightly shinning. A castle, a magnificent building in its prime, forecasting its power over the land that holds it. The girl opens her eyes and finds she is still lost, still searching though now she has direction and destination to reach. She walks on, letting the skies above be her guide.

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