Mz. Pickles Sandwich Shop

Not too many places can evoke a sense of nostalgia that brings you back into history to a time you were not even alive yet. Mz. Pickles can do just that!  One step into this little hole in the wall sandwich shop and you have suddenly been transported into a 50’s era sandwich counter. My husband and I were going out for a lunch date the other day and Mz. Pickles was the spot. We had driven by this little place many times and never paid much attention. You have to work to notice its small sign with the iconic pickle on it. We were just walking around the downtown Miamisburg and it sort of jumped out at us.

 I was more than pleased when we walked in and saw the one and only Mz. Pickles with her apron on, ready to serve us. We walked up to the counter slowly drinking in the movie and music memorabilia on the walls. Glancing around you will noticed the mismatched chairs and the record jackets on the walls. Then if you look close enough you will see the ironic pickle mints on the wall. On the right wall near the window there is a little sign that has a pickle ornament attached to it. It tells the legend of the pickle hidden in an evergreen at Christmas time. This is a well cherished tradition in my house. I always have a pickle in the tree with a small gift for the one who is lucky and finds it. This type of little touches makes this place so special. We chit chatted a little bit with Mz. Pickles where she told us her favorite sandwich was the Asian chicken so naturally we ordered one. We also ordered a soft pretzel, a Cuban sandwich, a Rueben hot dog, and the famous dill pickle potato soup.

I know, the dill pickle soup has your mind going, what? Huh? Let me tell you it was good, and not just in a novelty type of way. We will get back to the soup in just a sec. A real treat of this spot is the fact that you can watch Mz. Pickles prepare your food. She dances around the kitchen like a wood nymph light and spirited. It does take a minute for the food to be ready but it is worth it. Back to the soup, so here is my review on it. Are you ready? Can you handle the truth?

 It was really good in a sense of elevating a common dish. The potato soup base is not a thick base it is a stock base that is lighter and more fluid than the traditional potato soup. The flavor isn’t in your face pow it’s more a delectable salty umami flavor. The dill pickle flavor isn’t super strong or sour it is subtle and pleasant like the little piccolo back note in the song Phantom of the Opera. The piccolo is barely noticeable but it tells the lady singing the high notes at the end where her vocal rang needs to go, basically directing the flow of the song. This is the perfect way to describe the pickle in the soup. It works and directs the flavor of the soup to become a very pleasant flavored potato soup with a nice salty finish. The only issue I had with the soup was the tad oily feeling on the lips but that is a small complaint. Moving on to the other food.

Let’s talk Rueben dog! Who doesn’t love the iconic Rueben sandwich? Making it into a hot dog is genius! It has a hot dog that is heated up with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing on a warm bun. It is surprising that the hot dog takes the place of the corned beef very nicely and plays well with the other flavors of the hotdog sandwich. I am not a huge fan of hot dog but this one I could actually eat.  The flavor profile of a Rueben was all there.

Now, moving on to the Cuban panini sandwich. Any good Cuban sandwich relies heavily on the quality of pork and mustard. The pork has to be slow cooked and pull apart easily with a mustard spread on the bread it sits upon. Yellow mustard is a must! Absolutely no Dijon or any other mustard type. Mz. Pickles makes a delectable Cuban sandwich served warm with crisp pickles slow roasted pork and real yellow mustard. A classic well done!

Now the sandwich that takes the cake, the famous Asian Chicken. Nicely grilled chicken with some julienned carrots, cheddar cheese, thin sliced red onion makes the insides of the sandwich.  A sesame dressing that is salty and toasty completes this culinary feat. This simple sandwich explodes in your mouth with flavor creating a warm Asian inspired waterfall over your palate. I can’t speak highly enough about this sandwich. It takes skill to layer flavors together like this, the right amount of onion so it is not powerful and muddling the flavors of the carrots mixing with the sesame dressing playing with the lightly grilled chicken.  If you have the time, make sure to stop by and support this local sandwich shop you will not regret your choice.   

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