Another Broken Egg Café

Another Broken Egg Café

I had the pleasure of having breakfast at Another Broken Egg Café. This is a very neat establishment, with a certain elevated ambiance. When one passes through the doors at this location in Austin Landings in Miamisburg, Ohio you get the sense that this isn’t just another breakfast joint. The hostess was so friendly and worked with expedited care in getting a seat procured for me. A smile goes a long way and this hostess went the extra mile. I was very pleased by the greeting and the care in the seat selection. I was by myself on this particular morning and they took care so that I was seated in a comfortable area with a large window and a table with enough room for my book and food. My waitress was a very sweet young girl that knew the menu well. I have to say I adore the menu it is creative and has hints of a creole back ground.

The very first item I always order is coffee. (There will be a blog soon about my love affair with this drink.) The aromatic liquid is a true test of a restaurants character. If a restaurant can’t make a good cup of coffee, then maybe I should pass on eating there. Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme but coffee is my favorite beverage of choice. I am sure you are waiting with baited breath; here is what I say about their coffee, it is delicious but a tad bitter. It is fine to be bitter when you make coffee as long as the taste mellows out at the end of the sip. At Another Broken Egg Café, they have a the most adorable coffee cups with the company logo on them this helps set the tune for the breakfast to follow. The cups are different subdued colors wrapped around unique pottery shaped mugs.  Back to the coffee flavor, it is a strong cup of coffee that is indeed bitter at first sip but as the sip is near its finish the bitter taste rounds out. Basically a delicious cup of joe.

Marching on to the main event the food. I had an order of the biscuit beignets, now the concept does sound intriguing. Execution however not so good. The balls of biscuit dough fried and rolled into powdered sugar were very dense. A dense sugary treat isn’t so pleasing. Think of a super dense donut, doesn’t sound good huh? I feel the only way to surge this recipe forward into being a crowd pleaser is to make a lighter biscuit dough and lightly fry. The beauty of a real beignet is the light pillow texture and the piles of powdered sugar, this can be done with a biscuit with the right technique. Next on the food agenda was the amazing apple cinnamon muffin that was served to me warm. Nothing as wonderful as a warm muffin. The flavors of the muffin were not super sweet but subtle with pleasant notes of warm nutmeg.

 Next up as the Lakeshore scrambler and it did not disappoint. Any time one thinks of a scramble of eggs a mess of eggs comes to mind. I can assure you that this scramble was not a mess it was a beautifully thought out savory concoction that eludes delicious home goodness.  The Lakeshore scramble had mushrooms, cheese, ham, onions, bacon all folded into a soft billowy egg scramble. The flavors meld together and create this nostalgia of Saturdays mornings around the breakfast nook. I was moved by the expertise of making sure the bacon was crispy enhancing the texture of the dish. The dish is served with crispy home fried potatoes, and choice of breakfast bread. All in all, this was one satisfying breakfast with a stellar staff.  

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