Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food is a comfort to me. I love the cheesy spicy flavors of this favorite cuisine. My husband took me to Chuy’s to partake in our Mexican feast we have once a month. From the moment you grab the door handle the slightly obnoxious theme is apparent. The door handles are taco shaped, when you grasp them you can’t help but notice the detail in them. Then walking through the door you are greeted with a colorful place and the aromas that are floating about. Sizzling fajitas are making their way to tables full of roasted veggies. Then in front of you is a giant tray full of fake plastic veggies at the hostess station. There is color everywhere you look, clashing patterns and colors playing a duet on one’s sense of sight. The startling colors are fun but the music is so loud kind of made me want to run out the door and not look back.

                On this visit we waited for about five minutes for the hostess to appear to greet us. Once she did appear I was less than impressed. She never smiled never really greeted us just said “two”? Next we were handed off to be seated by a waitress. We walked through this vivacious restaurant to the back room. On our walk to the back we were enthralled with the ladies making the homemade tortillas. I thought that was a unique touch, however these ladies looked just tired and made no eye contact or anything with guests. This made it seem like gawking at animals behind a glass wall at the zoo. Then we reached the back room that was decorated in hubcaps. I struggled to find the theming in the hubcap room. What exactly does car parts have to do with the rest of the restaurants Mexican villa theme?

Now, you may think I did not enjoy this particular Mexican food experience but I actually did enjoy the food very much. The food itself was delicious. The salsa was so fresh tasting and had that yummy acidic bite of the tomatoes playing with lime juice. The chips were thin and super crispy and not greasy, all attributes of a good chip. The chicken fajitas were perfect; the veggies were cooked well but maintained their crunch. The chicken was pleasant with the hints of a marinade poking through. The rice and beans that are served on the side are delicate on the tongue. The rice is a perfect blend of well cooked rice with spices that meld together and create a fantastic Mexican rice. The beans are creamy and have a hearty bite. My favorite part of this meal was the tortillas. They are obviously homemade by those ladies behind the glass. The tortillas themselves are thicker than store bought. They have a pleasant flavor with a chewy bite that lends a helpful texture competition to the fajita fixings.  My husband’s meal was just equally delicious. He has a mixture of enchiladas that were all delicious and satisfying. The red sauce was most amazing in its smoky velvety flavor. The only issue was the bland flavor of the tomatillo sauce. Honestly, it just tasted like room temperature goo. Defiantly needed spice and salt to elevate the natural bland flavor of a tomatillo. I ordered this sauce as a side to give it a try needless to say that was disappointing. On a different note this restaurant offers a fantastic array of adult beverages. Most are unique and really rather delicious. The bartenders are obviously well versed in producing satisfying adult beverages.

Now on to an issue that bothers me, the wait staff. I was appalled by the lack of attention and smiles from our waitress. She never greeted us nor did she seems particularly interested in her job. More than a few times I glanced around to find her in the kitchenette (right in my view from our booth in the back room) on her cell phone. At one point I had to ask her for more of the tortillas and she actually threw them on top of the lid of the other tortilla container. Causing them to teeter around and she just left. No refills and no pleasant conversation no matter how hard I tried. I decided to glance around and see the interactions of the other staff, no one in a ten-minute interval (yes I timed it) smiled! A smile is essential in making your customers feel like they are welcomed at the establishment. After this revelation of a nonsmiling staff I noticed the busboy that was in our backroom domain cleaning tables with headphones in his ears! I was actually pretty upset; I realize he is a busboy but the presentation of a busboy with headphones in his ears ignoring all the customer is not a pleasant one. This leads me to the conclusion that this restaurant produces delicious food with a fun environment (minus the blaring music) but has a woefully indifferent staff.

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