What is it about Food?

What is it about Food?

Food is essential to life. It is nutrients from which we gain the energy to live out our daily life. Food brings us together as one in a world of fractures. We all have to eat, every culture in every corner of the world eats food. You can even get a sense of a culture in the spices and fragrance of the food they consume. Our world is full of different ingredients and ways to cook it creates a fascinating subject. I for one love food ( hard to guess huh? ). I love everything about it, the taste, smell, aesthetics, textures, and the stories we tell with food. Food can tell a story of love or of irritation or any variety emotion in between. When one cooks a meal for their loved ones it is the essence of love served on a plate. The time and effort along with the taste that surround that meal imply a loving gesture. When my mom would be upset with my Dad she always served him one meal, kielbasa, mac and cheese (boxed kind) and peas. His worst meal all ingredients he didn’t like. This weaved a story of annoyance with a comical twist.

When I think of sitting down to a family meal something in me just smiles. Food can sometimes mean communication, time to sit and talk about the day. People who rush through their dinner are not experiencing the essence of food. The essential togetherness of sharing a meal is a wonderful expression of daily thoughts. I tend to think of food in colors when I close my eyes and concentrate on flavors. When you bite into a crisp apple the sweet yet tart balance of flavor on the tongue reminds me of the color mauve. The balance of red and pink playing with each other creating the mauve hue this is an apple. Even if you don’t think of food with color you can focus on thinking of dishes and items in a sense of flavor. 

The flavor of the food you are eating can evoke many things. It can conjure up a memory of your mothers baking cookies or your grandmother making homemade spaghetti sauce. Sometimes even the aromatic smell of food can send you into a trip down memory lane, or a confusing where and when did that happen game. Food has a long history of being tied to emotions and memories this is the magical power of food. So what is it about food? The answer is simple for me, everything.

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