Bear Creek Donuts Review

Bear Creek Donut

This new donut shop opened up in Miamisburg, Ohio a few months ago. I have had the pleasure of visiting this establishment a few times. From the moment you walk in the tantalizing sweet yeast smell of a pastry hits your nose. If you breathe in deep enough you can smell the rich aroma of the coffee that sits behind the counter. I have never encountered a happier staff. They seem genuinely happy to see you come into their shop. As you look into the well-lighted case full of donuts you can see the unique variety that is offered here. There are even some cake donuts with fruity pebbles on top playing with the nostalgia of childhood. I ordered a half dozen to give a few a try. Let me just try and tell you of the infinite variety they offer. Butterfinger, peanut butter cup, cinnamon toast crunch, blueberry with fruity pebbles on top, cinnamon rolls with and without homemade frosting, fresh strawberry donuts. Oh, and not to forget the classics, glazed, vanilla and custard creams, jelly filled. Let’s not forget to pay homage to the delicious homemade frostings they prepare for their sweet menagerie. So delicious! Their donuts are light and airy even the cake donuts have this lighter than air quality. Never so sweet as to cause one’s lips and cheeks to suck in from a sugar rush but a rich light sweet palate pleasing donut. The coffee they serve is strong but not bitter to the tongue. A smooth bold roast available in regular and hazelnut. I was told it was from a local roaster in Cincinnati, Ohio. It makes me happy to know that one small business is supporting another. This is one amazing donut shop that deserves endless praise for their delectable treats. The only negative I can say is the parking at the location is a tad difficult. If you are not one to parallel park, then well your screwed… I definitely  will be recommending and visiting this place often.


4 thoughts on “Bear Creek Donuts Review

  1. Went to the shop a few weeks ago, and the donuts were delicious! Your review really catches the atmosphere, as well as, the textures and tastes of the donuts and the shop.


    1. I’ve been there several times. Hands down, the best I’ve ever had. And you are right about the staff, always happy. Even though I’m diabetic, I still go about once a week. The bacon donuts are the bomb…and the apple fritters. Yum!!!


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